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Web design for real estate

You need clients to sell properties, but first, you need a trustworthy brand. To gain clients though, you should be visible. The world of real estate professionals is indeed a tricky one. Establishing a solid online presence is essential, especially now that the competition gets tougher each day.

A major challenge is to make yourself stand out as an agent or a real estate agency. Building a website for real estate is an excellent way to grow your brand, showcase properties, and generate new leads. We will make the whole process easier for you. Instead of designing a real estate agent website from scratch, we will build it for you. This way, you can get your brand up and running online in no time.

What to expect

Unlike other real estate digital marketing agencies, we do not rely on standard real estate website templates. Your goal is to stand out from the other agents and it is exactly what we will help you achieve. We specialize in WordPress sites and we will ensure your website features IDX Integration among many others.

Even established agents need outside help. We base our services from our years of experience. With a team of expert designers, we guarantee that you will have a unique, effective, and powerful website that will not only showcase your brand but please your clients as well.

Responsive Website
Responsive Website

Build your brand

Your real estate website is the best way to grow and improve agent reputation. We know that you aim to build a respected brand – but so does everyone working in real estate. It is why we understand how crucial it is to stand out.

Our website design for real estate gives you the chance to select from professionally designed templates. You decide whether you use the template to build your website on top of or get inspiration from it. Everything will be customized according to your preferences. At the same time, we will use our marketing company expertise to help you make the right decisions. It is an unmatchable relationship that you will not form with other real estate website design companies.

Switch between designs and change elements, such as colors and fonts. Before publishing live, you can review the result so you can approve the finished product.

Attract clients online

Any web design agency can create your site for you. However, we do not just build your website; we make sure that you will be found online. When you have a website, it will not help your business if no one knows about it.

An SEO-friendly website is one of the keys toward getting discovered amidst the vast sea of online real estate sites.
We will construct your website using the best practices in SEO, along with suitable plugins, code structure, and other settings. These components are among the most important in attaining a solid foundation for your site.

That is not all. You probably already know about the old-age adage that content is king. For decades now, Google has placed great emphasis on high-quality content. Any website should have blog posts, which is why you also need a blog where you can regularly post to. It is a wonderful avenue to show off properties to potential clients. Plus, you can use the blog to share you’re your industry expertise, thoughts, and recommendations.

Use this opportunity to show Google that you have a well-maintained website that has fresh content – a critical part of SEO. All content should be relevant to your niche, so you can get found easily and gain a high volume of traffic daily. As an added bonus, you get to build your brand while establishing yourself or your agency as an industry expert.

Our professionals in website design for real estate will make blogging much less of a hassle for you, even with limited blogging ability. You will find SEO optimization features, so you can tailor your site toward your target audience.

Responsive Website
Responsive Website

IDX integration

Internet Data Exchange (IDX) is a policy that enables real estate professionals to have updated listings of properties on their website right from local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) databases. It is crucial to get access to IDX; otherwise, it is like going to a bakery and finding out the place does not stock bread. IDX is one of the elements that will help your business grow.

We are the web design company to turn to if you want more than just the normal IDX search. It should be one with high conversion and is customized for you. We will design the site to provide give your clients an alternative to boring search portals. Instead, what you will get is an IDX site that will capture prospective clients and even send email updates to them.

IDX is important to everyone, whether you are a seller, buyer, or a real estate professional. It is your gateway to an area-wide listing database while turning your site into a reliable one-stop hub for your clients. No matter who you are targeting – sellers, buyers, or both – you can provide them the resources that they require.

In return to providing them excellent client experience, you get to build your brand

Show off your listings

Let’s face it: buyers are not interested when they cannot see what you are selling. Ensuring that properties look enticing is often difficult to achieve. It is why we will only use high-quality images to represent the properties you sell.

We offer a wide array of techniques when promoting your listings. You can select from image slideshows, carousels, videos, and lightbox popups among others. We will give you several options so you can select the one that suits you best.

With your business on the line, you do not just want an OK performing website. It should be something people will love visiting with images that are worth sharing to different social media platforms. We will let you take enough time to test-drive how the images will look and the whole site before you decide.

Responsive Website
Responsive Website

Convert leads to clients

Lead capture is one of the best ways to get clients. Your site is the tool you need to obtain them. Therefore, you need to make sure your contact information is displayed prominently, not just on the “Contact Us” page but everywhere. You can have an embedded form as well so interested parties can fill it out and submit their details. You can also opt for text boxes where you can place your contact info directly onto your pages.

We believe that nurturing leads using your website will warm up prospects. At the same time, it will help reinvigorate your property pipeline. We have various in-built marketing tools, so you can generate and send out email campaigns to your subscribers. It is a great way to promote auctions, for example.

We also provide useful social media tools buttons for easy sharing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Zillow. You can also add feature plugins to your site, including email tools. They will help get you more new leads while you expand your business prospects.

Put automation to work

An incredibly efficient website is every real estate agent’s dream. With our years of experience in the industry, we know what can make your job much easier and even more enjoyable. We will provide you with all the features and functions that will help operate your business. You get to choose which ones to use and we will optimize them for your website.

We want you to have a simpler life where you can even arrange viewings through your site. Even better, you can have them updated automatically whenever a slot is booked. We can also embed a dynamic map or area page, which allows your prospects to go for convenient routes to the properties you showcase.

Whether you need a blog for sharing your expertise, improving your Google rankings, or getting more leads, we will provide everything for you. And the best part is that we offer them all within an attractive price point that suits your budget.

Responsive Website
Marketing analytics

Additional features

Aside from all the features and functions mentioned, we still have more to offer, including:

  • Reporting tools
  • Custom logo
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Client support tools
  • Frequent backups

Have a great experience

Just like you, we know how essential it is to provide excellent client service. As our client, we provide complete support during the site-building process and even until we have completed our work.

We are not just about making money; we turn your goal into our goals. You can have all the details about how your website is performing through our reporting tools. Everything will be laid out in front of you, so you do not have to track on your own.

Finally, we know the importance of a mobile responsive website. With your prospective and existing clients on the go, we make sure they do not miss any updates while they access your site using their mobile device.

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