Platformly: A CRM Worth Checking Out

Platformly is a CRM and marketing automation platform with everything you need to run your business. We’ve recently started using it and will breakdown the features in this post.

Platformly Features Overview

Platformly contains these main features:

  • Business Intelligence Dashboard
  • Link Tracking
  • CRM
  • Lead Capture Forms & Landing Pages
  • Email Marketing Tools
  • Marketing Automation Suite
  • Detailed Reports & Analytics
  • Integrations

What Makes Platformly Unique

What makes this system unique is the level of detailed reporting and activity tracking you get throughout every step of your campaign. The Business Intelligence Dashboards are similar to something like Cyfe or Report Garden.

Platformly Dashboard Builder

These dashboards allow you to create visual custom reports for everything from Google Analytics and social media activity to your email marketing and lead generation campaigns.

You can also build custom funnel reports that allow you to optimize every stage of your marketing funnel. The reports solve an age-old problem in that Google Analytics has all of the data, but its difficult to make actionable without being an expert.

Another great feature of Platformly is in how they handle email sending. Yes you can send emails through their system, but they also allow you to send emails through any major ESP. This includes services like SendGrid and MailGun.

Giving you this flexibility means you can have your team optimize your email deliverability so you’re always hitting the inbox.

Platformly Usability

Marketing automation platforms can be notoriously complex and difficult to use. It’s great that they can help automate your business, but if it takes you hours and hours to set up it’ll never be a top priority to actually get done.

Platformly Email Reporting

Even though Platformly is a newer platform, it’s clear their team places the user experience high on the list of priorities. The interface is clean and intuitive, and regular updates are being made to continue enhancing this.

Areas for Improvement

When it comes to weaknesses, every software or application has its pain point. With Platformly being newer to the market, native integrations are still somewhat lacking. Our team has been able to get around this with Platformy’s Zapier integration and everything works fine.

But as a marketing agency, we always prefer native integrations as there are fewer things that can break and often better functionality than Zapier can provide.

However, we have noticed that Platformly is added new native integrations every month. As the platform matures, it’s very likely they will have this issue resolved.

The Final Word

If you are looking for a marketing automation platform that is robust but affordable, Platformly should be top on your list to check out.