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Looking for real estate lead generation companies?

Real estate is a lucrative field. many opportunities arise every day and multiple times per month that can help create wealth for real estate brokers, teams, investors, and professionals. But if no one knows about you, how will you see the results of your hard work when considering one?

You can play a game of "hit-and-miss," but when you use guesswork, you may end up spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars with little or no results. Remember the 80/20 rule? A great entrepreneur once said, "80% of your results come from only 20% of your effort." We are that 20% that can take your business over the top.

We are Magpie Marketing, and we know how to help you soar in the real estate industry.

The solution to get real estate leads

The solution to avoiding the game of hit-and-miss is to find a great marketing agency or real estate lead generation company to get the word out about your brand. Leads can come from a variety of sources, including surveys, social media, emails, and databases.

But you probably don't have the time to assemble all of this data yourself due to the vast number of tasks per month you have to do to keep your business going.

Magpie Marketing is the ultimate solution you've been looking for. We are real geeks that specialize in the industry with a specialized customer relationship management CRM, lead capture and lead management system that is easy to use as the foundation. As one of the top real estate lead generation companies know what it takes to bring in quality leads ready to buy and seller leads ready to sell that will actually pay off for realtors, rather than waste your time like so many other leads generation companies out there today.

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Best lead generation for real estate agents and realtors

The reason more people prefer us to most of the other real estate lead generation companies is that you truly come first. Sure, we provide you with buyer leads and seller leads and FSBO leads that result in callbacks. We help you learn your market so that you can optimize your tools and bring in the people who are most likely to want to do business for you.

We help real estate agents track and monitor your progress so you can employ new strategies that will increase your results. But, more than that, we are a full-service marketing agency and one of the most proven real estate lead generation companies. Our team of real geeks will use every single tool and resource we have to help you get leads and customers in a shorter period of time per month than our competitors.

Leads for teams & brokers

Magpie Marketing LLC is a one-stop solution with features like a complete marketing system for realtors. Our team is made up of real geeks and take the approach that it takes a number of different types of methods from social media to creative digital assets to bring in bold leads for real estate agents on a consistent basis.

This means using our landing pages, home valuation tools, and digital resources to bring you the best results possible back by great customer service.

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A real estate lead generation company focused on your ROI

Once you have the buyer leads and seller leads, we help you figure out how to get them in through improvements in your web design, social media, a new Facebook ad, landing pages, and forms that can generate leads for real estate agents, and anything else that can help you make the most of your ROI in a great way.

Increasing your ROI (return on investment) as a real estate agent is what we focus on. We know that business owners have to budget carefully when they are planning an ad campaign or marketing strategy. We are with you every step to show you a better way to make sure your dedicated team of real geeks offers the best decisions for your business so that you will see the results as quickly as possible.

The benefits of automation when considering top lead generation companies for real estate

As you may have gathered by now, we use a lot of automation tools at our digital marketing company. That's because automation allows us to help our clients gather the best real estate leads while you sleep by utilizing smart systems that generate an automatic response and follow-up.

Leads that you might have lost in the past will be recaptured and kept in a database using our lead nurturing program that's included with your monthly fee.  We use social media marketing tools to drive traffic and convert each real estate lead generation company result coming through the search engines interested in buying or selling a home.

We take our time to develop the best possible leads for real estate agents based on a proven system that appeals to investors, buyers, and sellers. We know the importance of building a brand on social media and your website, not just selling a product or service and our team of real geeks will work hard to help you achieve brand presence in each target zip code that is positive and strong in the eyes of your potential social media audience.

We don't waste our time on all of the social media methodologies that other industries use unless it is also a beneficial tool or strategy for the industry. That's what makes us so in demand by professionals so many times per month. We focus on the market alone. And our results prove it. Try us out and you'll see.

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Here's the facts you need to know about real estate agent lead generation

Did you know that 94% of home buyers start their search by looking online? This means that if you are not online with a real estate IDX website, you may be losing almost half of your potential buyer and seller leads that we could generate for you through our proven marketing services help you drive social media traffic ready to hire you combined with a with landing pages to drive new business. This is why it makes sense to use the best real estate lead generation companies that appeal to users on various types of devices that can access social media sites and search engines.

Mobile matters if you want to be the best real estate leads generator

By the year 2020, it is predicted by that over 272 million people will be using mobile smartphones. This is expected to continue to grow over time and there seems to be no stopping it. So it is more important than ever that you utilize the best strategies and techniques that are needed to capture the mobile market with things like Facebook advertising and social media to save time and money.

When people are on their smartphones looking for a home to purchase in specific a zip code, they can be anywhere in the country or the world. But when they come to your site after you drive traffic through a search engine, social media, Google Ads or Facebook Ads or Facebook marketing, you have to be able to capture their contact info so that you can have another opportunity to market to them. If you don't, they may wander onto your competitor's site or social media tomorrow.  So let's get started today with real estate lead generation for realtors.

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How does getting leads in real estate work?

First, you need an offer and landing page to gather email addresses and contact information. Something that really stands out to the potential customer and says, "They understand what I am looking for." Then you need a follow-up system that can retarget and market to those specific visitors who are interested in using your website.

Property owners know the importance of finding those people who are looking to buy or sell a house in their zip code several times per month. You need a solid buyer and seller leads capture system these first time home buyers and seller leads while they are still hot and not let them "go cold." We can help by using lead generation real estate agents services and utilizing a tried-and-true strategy to get you real estate leads that pay off!

We provide quality leads for real estate agents and leads for agents with our solutions. But we don't stop there. We focus on creating an entire online marketing campaign that will continue to bring you results time and time again, not just another email address. Ask us to illustrate this when you talk to us about helping you with your online marketing campaigns like we have done for many agents.

That's why more people trust us to get them the bold leads they need, plus all of the other services that we offer for their business.

Why us as your lead generation company for real estate?

In addition to the promise we make to our customers, we continue to show our dedication by keeping on top of the industry. We know the latest trends, we study the demographics of various locations and what keywords will work best in various areas. So we are experts not only in the field but also in the SEO, social media, and online technology field. The results speak for themselves in the potential clients we can help bring you.

We can help you manage your reputation, increase your ROI, and profit per month from the efforts we make together with you guiding our path. We listen to our customers and believe that they should choose the direction they want their business to go. We just help you steer a path to success based on proven methods for aggregating data and resources to see the results through.

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The Magpie Marketing Promise

You want a partner that makes life easier.  We work hard for you to remove roadblocks and produce results, so you can accomplish your goals.  When working with us, we promise you will:

Get superior performance

Get the best leads, the best clients, and the best listings you've ever seen.

Future-proof your business

Stay ahead of your competitors with continually updated real estate marketing strategies

Work with real estate marketing experts

Partner with experts who know your industry and can position you as the leader

Love your experience from start to finish

Enjoy a winning combination of strategy, results and service that provide a great experience

Join real estate pros across the U.S.