Get Clients. Not Leads.

There’s a huge difference between clients and leads.
One pays the bills, the other wastes your time.

So let's get more clients.

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Proven Real Estate Marketing Agency

Whether you are a real estate agent, team, broker, property manager, marketing director or owner, Magpie Marketing has doubled-down on everything that works for real estate.  You've found the top real estate marketing company you've been looking for.

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Real Estate Marketing Agency

You need a team of  real estate marketing experts

To grow your real estate company, you need a steady flow of new prospects. But the customers you want aren't finding your company - they're going elsewhere.

So, you need to make a decision when comes to property management and real estate agent marketing solutions.

Do you stay with the same real estate marketing strategy and keep settling for mediocrity?

Or do you find a creative real estate marketing agency who can help you achieve your goals and take you to new heights?

Discover how we help with:

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Why consider real estate marketing companies?

Finding more clients is the only way to truly grow a business. The modern world requires us to grow by relying on digital marketing agencies. You’ll benefit immensely by incorporating more online channels into the real estate marketing plan for your creative branding.  And having the expertise and resources of one of the best real estate marketing companies and agencies helps ensure you'll succeed with your digital strategy, design and brand experience.

The difference that a full-service creative agency makes is in its solutions to get your brand to where the consumer is - faster and more cost effectively than you could do on your own. Today, it’s important to market as much online as you’ll do in person.  A competent digital marketing agency that works with real estate professionals can do the job to bring your company more clients. Magpie Marketing is a leader among all other agencies in the industry.

Real estate agent

What can a top real estate marketing company help with?

Real estate agent showing property

Real estate marketing agencies are the closest options to a guarantee that you’ll find in online marketing. The unpredictable changes of the internet and marketing in general makes an absolute guarantee nearly impossible. The advantage that we possess beyond just great strategy, creative design, branding and development solutions, is the ability to track your digital marketing progress.

Our property marketing agency team can find answers to problems that most people never realized were there. Our digital marketing and creative branding process enables us to define your consumer in all conditions, across mobile and desktop devices, and learn as the market and industry changes in real time. Whether you need marketing for real estate agency, team or a single real estate agents, we're here when you need help with your design and brand experience.

Data gives marketers and agencies current and reliable insights into how their leads are behaving. It’s imperative that you also have this advantage. Knowing the very actions of the people that you’re targeting allows you to enter their lives in a strategic way to take the relationship to the next level. This is why our digital marketing company for real estate employs analytics solutions in all of our campaign management services for all the industries we serve. We align your sales goals to actionable steps that we take during digital advertising, design, content creation and development, and into the campaign management marketing services to bring you better qualified leads, clients and customers.

How do real estate advertising agencies get you results with digital?

What you’re about to discover is only possible if, together, we build our relationship on trust. Your intimate understanding of your own business is our key to creating a profitable campaign for you. Your insights are primary resources in the success of your campaign. When you get started with our agency marketing and design services, we'll guide you through our powerful onboarding process to make sure your company brand strategy, design, experience and messaging is on point whether you are in New York, Los Angeles or somewhere in between.

After our real estate marketing professionals have gotten to know your company, you’ll be welcomed into a digital marketing campaign plan that caters specifically to where you are at, and where you want to go. As one of the most experienced agencies and content marketing companies for real estate, our proven creative process, social media strategy, email marketing resources, real estate marketing ideas and proprietary marketing technology solutions are the make it or break it difference in your business growth.

Real estate agents, teams, brokers, property managers, home inspectors, contractors, architects, developers, law firms, lenders and clients in similar industries all trust the team at Magpie Marketing and our custom software platform and processes.  We're the go to creative real estate marketing company when it comes to digital marketing services and agencies for our online lead generation, design and company brand experience.

Real estate professional

Digital marketing services you can bank on

Web design

Having a great local real estate business website isn't limited to the design, look, and feel.  The way visitors interact with it on mobile and desktop, and most importantly, how many customers it brings you matters.  We treat your website design as your "digital front door".  The more people that walk through it to hire you is the ultimate measure of success.

Beyond this, your website design needs to match your branding, provide clarity to your target audience, and create expectations about your client service expertise. Communicating the right expectations upfront about web design results in more ideal clients wanting to work with you.

Considering much of your real estate agent business growth relies on your website, its worth considering a top real estate marketing companies and agencies to help you get it right.


PPC advertising is a quick way to start getting more clients.  But it takes years to really master.  If a PPC campaign is going to be successful over the long-term, you have to know how to spot the winning online ads so you can scale up quickly.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the losing ads have to be killed quickly to save your PPC ad budget.  This means constantly creating new PPC ads, updating ad design, using advanced digital marketing strategies like advertising funnels, and always tracking the results. Creative effort and a focus on data is where we shine at your PPC advertising agency.

Our real estate marketing and creative media campaign management services as well as our branding and design real estate business solutions are here to help you win. 

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is always changing - even more so now than ever before.  Google has changed the search engine results game so it's not longer just about keywords, good content and backlinks like other real estate marketing companies and agencies in the industry may be telling you.

Their AI (Artificial Intelligence) search algorithms measure every interaction a local visitor in your target audience has with your website.  If you are still relying on just content and backlinks, you're no longer competitive in search to get quality clients.

We use advanced SEO and search marketing tactics, and custom search engine optimization software to ensure Google trusts your website and brand strategy. It's this creative modern search engine optimization strategy that gets you to the top, and just one of the things that sets the Magpie Marketing experience apart.

Social media marketing

Social media is an ever-evolving marketing channel.  Sure Instagram is hot right now, but what will be hot in social media marketing in the next few years... or even just a few months?  How do you target users using mobile devices vs a computer?

Knowing how to leverage the influencer economy on the right social media platforms at the right time takes expert-level experience from proven agencies.

The Magpie Marketing agency team will create solutions, graphic design elements, and campaigns to build you and your brand into influencers. You'll become the trusted expert in the areas you serve, back by winning design and brand experience created by one of the best agencies around.

Reputation management

Having a great digital reputation matters in the day and age of online public relations.  You can count on people searching your brand name to see what kind of reviews you have before ever contacting you.

You'll be compared to your direct competitors and other real estate agencies.  And its often the reviews and great digital public relations that make the difference in winning or losing lead generation campaign strategy.

Beyond this, you also need to have great testimonials and other 3rd party endorsements to back up what you're saying in your branding. This is key to a holistic digital strategy and solid public relations, combined with winning branding and design solutions, and something our creative agency can help your business with today.

Content marketing

Your website visitors and social media followers want instant gratification.  Many of them don't want to have to submit their email address and contact info only to have to wait for a reply, or make a call to see if you'll answer.

This is why our digital marketing agency offers 24/7 live chat services by trained reps that can answer questions and get a lead's contact information.

It gives a way for potential clients to chat with your brand anytime, even when you're not in the office or busy doing other things. Get the most out of your online campaign strategy with our live chat real estate marketing services.  These combined with our branding and design solutions make the perfect campaign strategy addition.

Social video marketing

Video is the best way to connect with your online audience.  Most of the people that engage with you online won't bother to read an article, but they will watch a video.

Having high quality video production that instantly connects with your visitors and followers allows you to start building relationships at scale - without any effort on your part.  There's nothing more powerful than video in branding real estate companies and agencies on the internet.

Your video production needs to be created to not just engage on both mobile and desktop, but also tell the stories of your company and your clients.  Its this element of story design that showcases your branding strategy and allows you to connect on a personal level through video campaigns.

When you partner with Magpie Marketing as your online marketing agency, you can rest assured you'll alway have the most current video strategies.

Marketing strategy

We're all drowning in data.  Being able to get the answers you need quickly isn't easy if you don't have a real estate marketing expert to guide you.

Which metrics matter? What will move the needle in growing revenue? How do you interpret the numbers? Which video marketing and email marketing campaigns are working?

Our full-service digital marketing agency reporting and analytics dashboards give you an easy summary based on proven metrics.  This allows you to learn and make quick actionable decisions that help you manage the business by the numbers, instead of just feelings.

Our team leads the industry when it comes to agencies. Isn't it time you learn why? Contact us today to learn more about how you can succeed with your online marketing strategy, design strategy, branding, and advertising with on of the most reliable agencies.

Lead generation

The only way to be truly successful at marketing is to closely measure the results.  You need to be able to scale up what is working, and cut back on what isn't.

We track every lead from every source for you.  Whether its a call, a form or a chat, you'll learn where your leads and customers are coming from that contact your company.

You'll also know what piece of content or what ad generated that lead.  By doing this, you'll know where you need to invest your online marketing and advertising budget, as opposed to spending money hoping it works out.

That's just part of the difference our team makes in your real estate marketing campaign. Individual real estate agents, teams, brokerages, property management companies, real estate agencies, and other professionals all find success with us.

The Magpie Marketing Promise

You want a partner that makes life easier.  We work hard for you to remove roadblocks, create the best real estate marketing ideas, and produce results, so you can accomplish your goals.  When working with us at your real estate marketing company, we promise you will:

Get superior performance

Get the best leads, the best clients, and the best listings you've ever seen

Future-proof your business

Stay ahead of your competitors with continually updated real estate marketing strategies

Work with real estate marketing experts

Partner with experts who know your industry and can position you as the leader

Love your experience from start to finish

Enjoy a winning combination of strategy, results and service that provide a great experience

3 steps to growth with your experts in real estate marketing

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  • 1. Schedule a cal​l

When you aren't achieving the success you deserve and seeing the results you want, schedule a call with a real estate marketing expert

  • 2. Get your plan

During your call, review your goals in detail.  You'll have a good idea of what your new marketing plan will look like before you hang up.

  • 3. Win online

Start wining online, hitting your goals, growing your business, and become recognized as the leader in your community.

What our real estate marketing agency clients say

Thanks! Great work! I really do mean GREAT WORK! The service is really good you guys are really on the ball!

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WOW! I’m so impressed. I’ve forwarded your info to a couple people.

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I tried out your service on one of my accounts and you’ve already exceeded my expectations! I don’t know how you do it, but you did it.

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